Hemp From a Somatic View

Hemp is a very interesting entity from a somatic point of view.

My love for the combination of hemp and bodywork naturally came to be my first year working as a massage therapist; a combination I still love today for myself and my clients. 

One of the special ways about how CBD operates in the body is that it works in receptors all throughout your vessel; receptors specifically designed for cannabinoids. These receptors play a large role in inflammation, pain perception and anxiety. 

So when these receptors are regulated, your body is able to feel how to operate in more easeful ways, releasing chronic patters of holding oneself and subtly adjusting your somatic body time after time. 

Any good teacher I have ever had within the physical health field has taught the importance of perception in pain. The more you analyze what the pain is, where it is coming from, how it is damaging you body, the more your brain loves to create a story around that situation. So, rather than locking your somatic self into a tension filled story, allow space for your brain and body to realize that there ARE other options. These options can be made visible the more time your body can shift into a relaxed state. 

We know pain is tough and if you are dealing with a lot of it, or are on a chronic timeline, we see you. We would encourage you to keep feeling, finding new ways of moving in the world, and teaching your body to adapt to more easeful patterns. This takes time, but the plants are here to help!