How to Connect to an Herb

This blog is an offering that is by no means new, but typically overlooked in today’s cannabis community, where sales have become the driver and breeding plants to have the highest amount of THC possible is our current reality.

This offering is inviting you to view hemp as a plant ally, as a sacred medicine that deserves her place as a master teacher plant. 

While I have deepened my relationship to specifically hemp through these practices, they are amazing tools to connect to any herb, plant, tree….really anything. This bring us to our first point: 


Everything is relationship.

I see connecting to a plant as a clearing of your personal monkey brain stuff, so that your energy and the plants energy can build a relationship. It is an energetic clearing of yourself to be open to receive information from the earthWhen approaching an herb, especially a teacher plant, put yourself to the side and enter communication with an open heart. Show up fully and so will the plant.



When connecting to a plant, trust! Have fun. Approach this experiment with curiosity and relaxation! 


Direct perception of the intelligence of the plant

Experiential knowledge is the way to go. Observe and learn directly from the plant. 


Work in their natural Environment

This is hard to do when we are working with hemp, so just work with her in the soil. Grow her. Watch her from seed to bud. Observe where and how she grows best. When you can, grow her under the sky, exposing her fully to the the sun, the moon, and the stars.

It can be helpful to take a notebook and pen for observations and drawings. 


Nature is a Language

You need to learn to listen! Nature is mathematical and will speak in patterns to you.


The intuitive vs rational approach to connecting 

There is a time and place for both. 

Intuitive: heart centered choice, gut instinct. What plant is calling to you? Have you been seeing or hearing a lot about a specific herb? Look for synchronicity. 

Rational: pick one with your logical mind that speaks to a current ailment or condition you are working with - an opportunity for better health. 


So there you have it, a great starting point to some beautiful herbal relationships.


I often acquaint learning from herbs to sitting at the feet of the wise woman. It is a special and unseen reality that our souls so deeply know. I can't wait to hear what comes up for you!