Warming Spiced Ricotta


Nourishing down to the bones.

Though I don't identify as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I am forever inspired by that system of medicine. It's been a core influence in my learning path. 

With the use of common warming Ayurvedic spices, this is a recipe to softly ignite the digestion.



1/2 cup Ricotta (organic, grass fed)

1 Tbsp Infused Saffron Ghee or gass fed butter

a pinch of fresh ginger, grated

dash of cinnamon

dash of cardamom



Warm the ghee and ricotta in a small sauce pan. Add the fresh grated ginger and warm slowly as the ginger infuses. Top off with cinnamon and cardamom and enjoy!

I like to top this by dropping a light morning dose of CBD oil as garnish. Serve in a bowl and enjoy.