Our Vision

Hemp and the Honeybee was born out of a love story between the minute details of their relationship of hemp and the honeybee. 

One is dark, dense, rooted in the earth and grows from compost and sut.

The other is bright, travels by air, and gathers pollen of the season’s blossoms. 

They both demand respect. If you misuse cannabis, she will let you know. If you wrong a honeybee, you will be stung. 

Yet if you nurture the relationship that you have to these two energies, they can provide you with great nectar. 

Both are connected to the divine, the feminine. 

Both work so vigorously to protect this earth; hemp literally cleaning the soil, providing us with clean sources of energy, and the honeybee, a symbol of hard work in many ancient cultures, protecting the queen, making sweetness, and recycling this pollen of this earth. 

We plant this seed as a vision for a future of regenerative agriculture and a liberation for those of us who embrace the bounty of the earth.

Here you will find researched based education, herbal remedies, an a prayer of returning to nature.

Our Hemp 

We are a small batch operation. Our hemp comes from a beautiful biodynamic farm in Oregon raised in the hearts and hands of farmers who care about this plant. We have high standards for sourcing all of our ingredients. Our hemp is lab tested and free of heavy metals, pesticides and mold.

Respectful, Recycled, Reusable Packaging 

Our packaging is 100% recyclable. No plastic jars, just glass. 

Our jars and tea containers are forever reusable. We hope you use them for creating your own herbal remedies. 

Responsible & Sustainable Sourcing

From seed to bud to Hemp and the Honeybee kitchen, we are fully committed to regenerative practices. Our strict criteria help protect the natural environment and to provide the highest quality ingredients. All of our herbs are organic or wildcrafted. When wildcrafted, we harvest seasonally without disrupting the ecosystem.