Hemp and the Honeybee

Raw Hemp Honey: Tulsi Lemon Balm

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This honey has a special place in our heat. A light and sensational blend of organic tulsi, lemon balm, and hemp infused blackberry honey that will be sure to sweeten your day. In Ayurveda, honey is considered the ultimate carrier for tulsi as it is thought to support its full and quick absorption into your circulation. Lemon balm is a long loved favorite of the honeybees and contains many of he same chemicals found in bee pheromones. This trio is top notch and is divine in a coconut milk matcha or licked right off the finger!





300mg CBD per jar 

Ingredients: Organic Honey, Hemp, Tulsi, Lemon Balm.

Suggested Use:

1 TBSP in tea, lattes, smoothies, over yogurt, in herbal remedies, or experienced solely on its own. 

Recipes & Rituals:

Infused Pine Syrup


"I swear this is most the most delicious honey I have ever had in my life."

-Shonagh, VT