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Rosewood Hemp Tea

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Like sipping nectar from an earthen realm, this tea has a light quality yet a full bodied hemp taste. Yarrow, rose, and lavender do a wonderful job of blending it all together. 

250mg CBD

Ingredients: Organic yarrow, rose, lavender, and hemp   

Suggested Use:

Steep 1 tea bag in hot water 7+ minutes, until desired strength is achieved. 

Recipes & Rituals:

Enjoy one cup of rosewood hemp tea nightly with meditation before dozing off into deep sleep.


"We are in love with the Rosewood hemp tea, it's now a staple!"
 - Jess, Massage Therapist, WA

 "I drink this tea before bed and immediately feel calm and ready for sleep. It helps me feel sleep like a rock and feel rejuvenated in the morning."

- Alex, WA

"I'm in love with this tea! It puts me to SLEEP."

-Eli, CA